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To be an elite athlete it takes a tremdous amount of time, energy, love, commitment and support. Without the support and financial help of others this already difficult journey becomes nigh on improbable. If you would like to become part of my journey please contact me below

Queensland Academy of Sport

I've been on an individual scholarship at QAS since 2015. It was their support that enabled the purchase of my new sled last season. My QAS Strength and Conditioning coach Chris Gaviglio is a great asset for not only his ability to make me stronger and more powerful but also his ability to help me become a smarter athlete. I am beyond grateful that they are continued to support me whilst living in the UK and again on the journey to Beijing 2022.

Sliding Sports Australia

The national organisation for Bobsled and Skeleton in Australia. It's a small federation but nontheless an important one for enabling us to compete.


"BetterYou™ is a pioneering natural health company specialising in the supplementation of the growing number of key nutrients lost through our dramatically changing diet and lifestyle"-BetterYou. They're transdermal Magnesium products help my body to cope with the training demands I put it through and perform at its best.

Rub Downes- Terry Downes

I started working with Terry in April 2015 which was the best decision I could've made. His knowledge and techniques are brilliant and definitely contributed to my ability to stay mostly trouble free throughout the off season.

QSMC- Geoff de Jager

Geoff and the team at QSMC have been keeping in one piece/putting me back together for the past decade. Without their support I would not be able to stay in the physical condition to train and compete. Geoff is always there when I'm home or on email when I'm away to help with any issues that arise.

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