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Planes, planes and more planes

Planes can be so many things. From time to be productive to enforced chill time to a tedious and annoying task. When you spend 5 months of the year on and off them they tend to start productive and go downhill from there. The one I’m writing this from however, is a chance to reflect, plan and let myself dream a little. I’m heading for Melbourne for AOC Olympic preparations and it’s impossible to not be excited! Korea in March started making this real (more on that in the next post) but this is where we get the chance to try on the clothing, do the TV headshots and really get the excitement flowing. To some it’s a waste of the precious cash I've got, especially given I’m flying in from the UK. I, however see it as an essential step in ticking as many boxes as possible. We’re trying to make this campaign everything I’ve been dreaming of my entire life and this is just part of it.

It’s been a long time between posts and a lot has happened since but I’ll keep it brief. My season overall was a success. In black and white terms, it looks the opposite but as I’ve been told numerous times by wise men this season wasn’t about results. All that I went through, the snow, the frustration, the doubt, the tears and hard work have put me in the best position I could be in. I made huge progress in more areas and figured things out that I may not have otherwise. Everything happens for a reason and every cloud has a silver lining after all. Hopefully though next season will have a lot more sunshine in store! Both literally and figuratively.

To keep things a little shorter the Olympic test event is a post unto itself. Save to say that it’s a track I love and cannot wait to get back to. For now though, its back to off season training to get as fit, fast and powerful as possible.

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