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Summer 2016: I survived!

The seasons are changing which can only mean one thing: it's almost ice time! Paid work is done for the year, the packing has begun and the countdown is well and truly on til the "real"/"fun" work begins.

For the first time ever I can feel the temps dropping (instead of rising) which is making me even more excited. It's also been causing me to reflect on the summer that's been. To sum it up in a few words is nigh on impossible because it's had pretty much everything. Ok, there's a few exceptions in adrenaline, sun, surf and sand but shush. It's no surprise to say summer has been exhausting, that's just part and parcel of what I do, but it's also been so much more. I don't think there's been a summer to date where I've gotten so much out of myself, improved as much and surprised myself just as often. Oh, and of course there's been more than a few moments that've caused me to sit back and just think "wow" :D

I say I survived the summer because at times that's exactly what it felt like I was doing, surviving instead of thriving. I've missed home (a rather new experience), felt like I was failing at everything and shed far more tears than I'd care to admit. There's also been times when the day to day monotony just got to me. However, with help of a few key people, I've pulled myself out of it, learnt some pretty key lessons and had some of my best weeks of the summer. When you're your own harshest critic sometimes you need a little kick up the backside to relax and trust things.

One last thing...

To my new training partners and coach: THANK YOU for making me feel welcome from the word go, for pushing and inspiring me and making training fun. Without you this summer wouldn't have been as productive and memorable.

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