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A true Queensland girl at heart born into a sports mad family in Brisbane. I grew up watching my Dad play cricket, hearing stories of past successes from both sides of the family and sport always on TV. Sure there were some girly years (8 years of dancing for example) but sport was always going to win out in the end. Hockey started it and when I got my chance at Athletics at primary school that was it. Everyone on Dad's side of the family had been quick and it turned out that I wasn't bad either. There's just something about that feeling of speed that had me hooked. Oh, and the competitiveness of racing, especially against the boys! The Olympic dream came about from stories of my Uncle competing at them, and watching the Sydney 2000 Olympics cemented the desire. That goal hasn't left my mind since, although the path toward it has taken a few twists. Everything happens for a reason and it is because of those twists that I landed in Skeleton and switched the goal from Summer to Winter Olympics.


DOB: 05/11/90
HEIGHT: 167cm
WEIGHT: 67kg
WORLD CUP DEBUT: Lake Placid 12.12.14
BEST RESULT: 7th Lake Placid World Cup Jan 2016
PREVIOUS SPORT: Athletics (100m, 200m, long jump, triple jump
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